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[Update 3] Come to Play! (WARNING LONG POST)

Update 3: Removed dead links and relinked english subbed cuts!

Update 2: Full episode of Come to play up (unsubbed) Watch it HERE

Update: As this show has been aired (And plus I can't find the eng subbed full show at the moment), I will go ahead posting the main contents and video cuts! For those who do not want to see the spoilers and would prefer to wait for the english subs please refrain from clicking "Read More"!

I bet many of you have been waiting for this episode to air (or like me waiting for english subs) as this episodes boasts large amount of laughter and cuteness from IU as well as friends of IU. There has already some articles with regards to the contents of this episode being circulated around the web and I was very tempted to post it. But after much deliberation, I decided that I should not be a spoiler and let you all enjoy the show yourself instead (I mean come on, what fun is there when you already know what's going to happen?) But nonetheless, just to whip up your appetite, I have posted the photos of the show! Go under the cut to check it out =)


IU discussed about many things during the show.

Firstly, they talked about who is IU's final ideal man (as you all know she mentioned many over the past year) Fellow guest Kim Tae Woo opened the segment by stating, “I saw that IU had chosen me as her ideal man when I was in the army, which made me really happy. But soon after, she changed to Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, and Taeyang.” When asked about her current ideal man, IU replied, “I won’t be changing it anymore. I’m determined to stick with senior Taeyang!” The studio erupted in laughter when Kim Tae Woo gave a bitter smile in response to her remark, leading IU to add that she still respected him as a singer, and that g.o.d was the reason she even auditioned for JYP Entertainment.

Continuing on the topic of looks,  IU revealed, “I’ve known Jiyeon since even before she debuted“, and commented about being struck by Jiyeon’s beauty when she saw a picture of her. She looked at Jiyeon and said, “You looked really pretty“. To this, Jiyeon faux angrily asked her if she wasn’t pretty now, making the whole cast laugh. However, it was revealed that Jiyeon and IU were not good friends from the beginning, as IU explained, “Jiyeon looks very city-like, so I didn’t get close to her even after we debuted“. She continued on to say that they got to know each other by appearing on the same variety program. Meanwhile, Luna revealed that she got close to Jiyeon because they go to the same school and even sat next to each other in their classroom. On the other hand, she got to know IU by giving her a letter when she was promoting ‘Marshmallow‘.

Besides that, they also talked about how IU decided to be a singer. IU explained that she had been caught by her gym teacher for talking in the middle of class. For punishment, she was ordered to go up in front of the class and sing. Unlike what was intended, IU’s vocal talent ended up flooring her classmates and teachers alike, and she was offered a chance to sing for the opening of the school’s athletics competition. “I was really nervous, but standing under all of the lights and feeling everyone’s gaze towards me felt exhilarating,” she explained. On her escalating fame, she commented, “I’m trying not to focus too much on my popularity and just enjoy what I’m doing.”She honestly answered that she felt scared since popularity is something that can disappear as quickly as you earned it, which led Kim Tae Woo to use his own background and experience in the industry to console her with some useful advice. 

The hosts then went on to "inspect" the contents of IU's bag and were were taken aback at what was inside, as they found things like an unread book as well as packets of pear extract and chinese bellflower extract.
Smiling, IU explained the strange contents. “I wasn’t able to eat one for lunch, so there’s two in there right now,” to which comedian Lee Haneul asked, “Give the leftovers to me.” IU declined as she stated that her mother gave them to her. The hosts were also surprised when they saw that she had only $1 in her bag. IU stated, “Since I started to make money, my parents don’t give me an allowance anymore. I just ask when I need it. My mom does all the accounting.” As the hosts further went through the contents of IU’s bag, IU’s ID card photo was also shown. In the photo, IU’s shining looks were clearly evident, which has garnered enthusiastic responses from uncle fans. Meanwhile, the 93-line friends – IU, T-ara’s Jiyeon, and f(x) Luna - also unveiled their childhood photos. The three idols have received much praise for their unchanging adorable looks.

IU shared a story of her past as well. She, who’s beloved all over Korea right now, grew up in a household with financial difficulties. She first started by confessing her anxieties over the fleeting nature of popularity. She explained, “People listen to my songs a lot now, after time passes, and if I don’t appear on shows, many people will forget about me... maybe I’ll be better off without the memory of being famous. After my fame goes away, I think I’ll be more lonely.” Then, she shared that during her childhood, her family suffered financial difficulties, so she stayed with her brother, cousin, and grandmother in one home. However, that home was infested with cockroaches, and IU wasn’t able to sleep there, so she moved to another relative’s home. One day, when she came back from practice and was preparing to go to bed, her relative, who had been drinking, said to his wife, “She still hasn’t left?! Should I act like a cockroach?” He even said, “I’ll become a millionaire before she [IU] becomes a celebrity.” She admitted to feeling hurt and disappointed after hearing this. When the rest of the cast heard this, they were especially supportive. They encouraged IU, saying, “Because she didn’t lose hope and kept believing in her dream, we’re proud of her,” and “I hope from now on, she can forget the pain and suffering from her past to become a better singer.”

IU also shared about her JYP audition. Reflecting, she mused, “I think about the JYP audition the most. Because the girl who auditioned after me was very pretty, I thought, ‘I’m probably not going to make it this time either.’” IU continued, “A few days later, I saw the list of people who passed, as well as their videos. I was eliminated, but the girl after me was there.” After IU debuted, she met the same girl again at a broadcast. That girl is none other than KARA’s Goo Hara. IU expressed, “Even though Goo Hara didn’t know who I was, because she is so pretty, I remembered her instantly.

Finally, IU might (just might only) have hinted something about "Heroes". During the recording, she was asked to give a message to her friends, to which she turned to Jiyeon and said, “I’m scared that we will drift apart because we went from seeing each other every week to not being able to see one another.” Netizens immediately began talking about whether the message was a hint about the possible cancellation of “Heroes”. Although it was not directly mentioned in “Come To Play”, “Heroes” is the only program that contains both IU and Jiyeon. Also, the media has consistently been reporting since March 9th about how “Heroes” may get cancelled. Netizens commented, “It looks like, eventually, they are taking the steps towards a cancellation” and “Maybe IU or Jiyeon is leaving the show.” In reply, the production crew of “Heroes” assured the public, “Nothing has been decided.”

So that's about the main contents of the show. For those who have read it, I hoped you have seen the show and had a good laugh yourself! For those that didn't, I hope you enjoyed what you read. PHOTOS AND VIDEO CUTS BELOW! =)


Source: IMBC

Video Cuts

Credits: AllKpop, Youtube uploaders

Will still be hunting for the english subs of the show! Stay tuned!

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