Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Update 3] IU@Mexicana Chicken Diary scans

Update 3: Included a Mexicana Chicken Diary Mouse Pad Event Poster
Update 2: Added even more BTS photos and videos
Update: Included more photos and videos from behind the scenes

Everyone get ready for a photo spam!!!! =)

More under the cut!

Credits: Daum

Behind the scenes photos 

BTS Video

Credits: Pilsuk@youtube, Mexicana1 @ Twitter

Love love love the top most pic!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


  1. Hey, do you know where can I get the diary or the posters? they are not on Ebay.....

  2. Hey Leilomo! Really sorry about it =( I tried searching for it as well but I couldn't find it. If I manage to find anything within these 2 days, I will definitely update here! =)