Saturday, March 26, 2011

[Update 2] IU guests at MBC Radio Star

Update 2: Replaced the unsubbed video of IU talking about her crush  with a subbed one. Will update when I find more =)

Update: Included an article on what was discussed and a clip of the show!

IU attended MBC's Radio Star recently. Checkout the  photos! =)

 Why are you looking at me?
IU guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed that Yoon Sang, the composer behind her follow-up track, “The Story Only I Didn’t Know“, was the same age as her father.

The MCs had asked her what title she called him during conversations, to which she replied, “I used to call him ‘oppa’ until I found out that he was born in 1968 and is the same age as my father (42). He’s just a year younger than my mother!”

Her castmates on the show then requested that she call them whatever title she wanted, without relevance to their age. She sweetly called out, “Heechul oppa, Gura uncle, Guk Jin uncle, and Lee Jung oppa!”
To Yoon Jong Shin and Park Wan Kyu, however, she called them ’senior’ respectfully, hilariously disappointing the two uncle fans.

The singer also revealed her thoughts on postponing college for her career.

MC Kim Heechul asked, “Why did you give up college?”. She replied, “Even if I do go on to college, I didn’t think I’d be able to attend classes. I want to go when I’m ready and able to learn properly.”
Kim Gura wondered, “Is college really a necessity?” IU agreed by replying, “I feel that way too.”

The other MCs laughed while commenting, “Since you’re a senior in high school now, you must have a lot of time left over since you’re not applying for colleges.”

To their amusement, Kim Gura added, “Well, isn’t it nice to at least hang something up?”

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop
Source: Nate

Credits: MBC

Video cuts

Have rather mixed feelings about this. On one hand I know the importance of an university education. On the other hand, if IU goes to university, means that she has lesser time for us. How? What are your takes?

Will update if I find the video! =)


  1. like she said, she would be too busy to attend classes anyway..imagine the need to extend classes for a year or more longer than what normal people would "suffering" extends together too..

    With her popularity is skyrocketing now and it doesn't sound very feasible to continue studies at this point..her future career (in Korea and overseas) depends very much on her current marketing and promotions and new songs..when her career is more stabilized in another 2 years or so with lesser activities, she can opt to go back college again~

  2. I agree totally.

    She should continue her activities to solidify her fanbase. If you think of it, IU has only recently gotten approved and does not have a long history of success like Super Junior or SNSD(which I believe IU would be as successful as them in the future).

    However, there are drawbacks to following this path, I heard it's very hard getting enrolled into a Korean University. Being accepted this year may not mean being accepted years later. So it's kinda risky. =(

  3. Both education and career to her are equally important but it's just that she puts music as her priority first. She cannot be a superwoman trying to excel in two different fields at the same time. It might end up both sides fail too if she cannot handle them properly.

    Even if she wanna enter Korean uni now, I think she doesn't have time to prepare for the entrance exams too with the current hectic schedule.

    Since IU has already decided, we as her fans should support her!! =D

    *Jieun-ah, all the best!*

  4. Haha if there is a facebook like box for comments I would definitely like your and anonymous's comments.

    Can't agree even more! =)

    IU fighting!!!! =)