Thursday, March 31, 2011

More about 'Kiss and Cry'/ Kim Yuna's Audition

The SBS program Kim Yuna’s Audition will feature a variety of people who want to try figure skating.
Gagman Kim Byung-man, IU, U-know Yunho, Lee Ah-Hyun and many more have said that they will try and become the 2nd Kim Yuna.

The show is planned to begin this coming June and is partially based on America’s survival audition program called Skating with the Stars on ABC. America’s program is similar in that it features famous celebrities challenging themselves by trying figure skating, and then being rated and critiqued by professional judges.
The production team chose celebrities who were especially talented in sports. They chose the top ten celebrities for a short test Kim Yuna’s Audition.

Dreaming of obtaining the title of ’2nd Kim Yuna’, Kim Byung-man, IU, U-know Yunho, Lee Ah-Hyun and six others are beginning to learn figure skating in Seoul. It has been confirmed that they’ve started practice. Their first broadcast will be held in three weeks. They are expected to have perfectly memorized and perform a 1 minute and 30 second program.

Kim Byung-man, known for being the master of body-gags, is also well known for being unbelievably flexible and very athletic. Already, many other actors have said that Kim Byung-man is not someone that they can go against.

In January, during Idol Running Competition, IU showed viewers her special hidden talent in athletics. She has challenged herself to try figure skating, to show her skill and confidence to the people.

U-know Yunho and Lee Ah-Hyun are going to be able to set forth an image that they have not been able to show their fans previously. Both are breaking a sweat to show their fans and viewers all that they’ve got.

Credits: Hellokpop

Wow 1 min and 30 Second program? That's real tough! Hope our IU can do well!!! =)

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