Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"IU was my student at acting school.. I was surprised when she debuted as a singer" , Go Yoon Hoo

Another celebrity full of praises for IU! =)

For a long period of time, Go Yoon Hoo (Running, Queen Seon Deok, East of Eden) was acting and doing a part-time job at the same time. In the midst of that, he was also a teacher at a private acting school. Upon graduating from university in 2007, he taught his juniors at the acting school and among his students, some are now celebrities who are thriving in the entertainment industry. An example would be today's trend, IU.

"She's a friend of mine who acted really well. However, I was surprised when she became a singer. She's really diligent and did well, so of course she would do well in singing too. During classes, she would occasionally sing for the other students and lead the atmosphere in class."

He only met her again during the 'Queen Seon Deok' OST concert, as he was starring in that drama. IU was attending the concert as a guest performer. "From somewhere far away, I heard someone call out 'teacher' and turned around to see IU. I wondered why she debuted as a singer, not an actress, but since she likes singing, for now she would continue singing. I advised her to do acting, since she did so well before. I'm glad she appeared on 'Dream High' this time."

Other parts of the interview not related to IU were omitted from the translation

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU.com
Source:  Starnews

Love it when other celebrities acknowledges IU's talents =)

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