Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Bean Sprout Song reels in uncle fans

Last week, IU treated fans with a cute bean sprout themed song for a new Homeplus CF. The song quickly caught on with fans but most surprising of all, it became a hit with uncle fans (ajuhsshi’s)!

In the short video clip of IU singing ‘The Bean Sprout Song‘, the singer is seen strumming away on her cute pink guitar while wearing a plain green hoodie. In addition, the song lyrics are cute in itself that left fans smiling at the singer’s adorable personality and one of these fans just so happens to be an uncle (older male) fan.

On the 24th, a photo with the caption, “IU’s Bean Sprout Song! I made the music score sheet with real bean sprouts,” was uploaded onto a certain internet community site by an uncle fan. This creative gesture showed the uncle fan’s love for the singer and further proved that IU does have a wide age-range fanbase.

In response to the bean sprout music score and IU’s song, netizens have commented, “If it has to do with IU, it’s all good” and “IU is seriously addicting. Fighting!” 

Credits: Mashimello
Source: Yahoo Kr

If you missed the video (and the behind the scenes) see HERE!

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