Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Update] Change the world performance

Update: Included a write up about what was said in the show and another video!

Ok a realllyyyyyyyyyy short post. In fact there will be only 1 video. k bye

Write up below the cut!

IU guested on MBC TV’s “Quiz to Change the World“. During the recording, she revealed her weight change since her pre-debut days.

MC Park Mi Sun started off by stating, “IU is very popular amongst idol members” - noting that many have even picked IU as their ideal type.

To this, IU sadly replied, “Maybe it’s because of that, but in reality, not one person has contacted me.” Park Mi Sun made a clever metaphor, “There’s usually nothing to eat at a famous banqueting house” – drawing laughter from the guests.

Just then, singer Hong Seo Bum interjected, “You have to watch out for Sul Woon Do.” To which Sul Woon Do wittily replied, “She’s not my ideal type” – causing the whole studio to burst out in laughter.

Besides this, IU also drew attention as she revealed that she lost 10kg since her debut. Because of her busy schedule, her weight loss came naturally. When she began to receive compliments about becoming more womanly, she shyly replied, “I lost of lot of baby fat.”

Besides that, IU revealed the secret of her 3 level high note.

She said that she’s never made a mistake since she’s always nervous when she has to do it. But she said that she definitely has to warm up her throat before she does the high notes.

She picked cup noodles to be the best way to warm up her throat. She said “It’s not a good way but nothing really helps my throat other than this way since all the rehearsals are in the morning when my throat is never warmed up. I eat cup noodles really fast. The heat from the noodles make my throat becomes hot and then it becomes warmed up really fast.”

Other guests on the show were 2PM’s Nickhun, Junho, Chansung, and Hong Suh Beom, Sul Woon Do, Ji Sang Ryul.

Credits: Phenom@allkpop, Dongie@Askactor
Source: Nate , SportsChosun

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