Monday, March 28, 2011

[Update] Cho Yong Nam and IU have special meetup

Update: Included a video of the meet up!

Singers Cho Young Nam, the center of the ‘Sesibong’ frenzy, and IU, held a special meet and greet at Hwagae Marketplace.

On the March 27th recording of MBC’s “Section TV: Entertainment and Communication“, IU stated, “It’s his iconic attraction,” about Cho Young Nam as she sported the dark-rimmed glasses and played the acoustic guitar.

Cho Young Nam surprised those around him with his complete transformation into a hip hopper, chef, and even a reggae singer. However, there was another transformation that caused the staff on set to burst out in laughter.

After changing into the disguise, he was asked if he approved of his new appearance. Cho replied, “Would you like it if it were you? Even when I see it, I look disgusting” – causing the studio to abrupt with laughter.

You can view the two celebrities surprise meeting and Cho Young Nam’s hilarious appearance through the next episode of “Section TV: Entertainment and Communication.”

Credits: phenom@allkpop
Source: Nate

Video Cut

Haha IU looks really cute with the specs

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