Thursday, March 31, 2011

IU talks about ghosts and clarifies stories about being rude

Part 2 of radio star!!!(a continuation from the previous episode)

On March 30th, IU guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed an incident where she experienced a unique type of sleep paralysis.

IU began, “I thought I was going through sleep paralysis, but it was a ghost, I think. The ghost actually told me that he loved me. It wasn’t anything scary, I actually felt quite warmed by him. He came to my ear and whispered, ‘I love you.’ It made me feel good.”

She continued, “After that happened, I’ve began waiting for that ghost to comeback.” 

Lee Jung, who served in the marines, jokingly replied, “I caught that ghost!”, and wittily played on the joke Koreans make about how the marines are brave enough to catch ghosts.

IU also took the time to clarify a rumor claiming that she was rude. She explained, “At the beginning of my debut, I was really shy and greeted everyone with a straight face. I think people misunderstood that.”

IU continued, “I’m really shy so I don’t smile very often. I’m expressionless as well, which adds to that. I often hear people tell me that they’d like for me to smile when I greet them.” 

When asked of a rumor that claimed she was called into the bathroom by Seo In Young to be reprimanded, she clarified, “That never happened.” 

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop

Haha I really found the ghosts thing very funny! Most people (including me) would have fainted to even know what happened lol

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