Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Update] Le Coq Sportif Fansigning event!

Update: Included the event's official video!

IU held an autograph event on March 23rd, and the overwhelming response from her fans ultimately paralyzed the mall!

The event was for Le Coq Sportif, and IU was scheduled to sign on the first floor of the Hyundai Mall. Officials anticipated that IU would attract a large crowd, so they organized a lottery where 100 lucky fans would get to attend the event.

As it turns out, 1,000 fans gathered at the mall three hours before the fansigning began, which resulted in blocking out regular traffic and business for the shops there. Reporters noted that IU’s fanbase was overwhelmingly male, and that men of all ages stood in line with a present in hand for their idol.

An official from Le Coq Sportif stated that they had received a flood of requests from broadcast teams and fans alike for passes to the event after it was announced on the internet.

If the large horde of fans waiting at the Hyundai Mall weren’t indicative enough of IU’s popularity, the clothes, bags, and accessories she was sporting were continually being sold. She’s so popular that fake imitations of her outfits were being sold on the internet a few days after the media published shots.

In other words, IU is the “supreme sold-out girl.”

Credits: Phenom@allkpop
Source: Sports Khan

And here we go! Le Coq Sportif Fansigning photos!!!!!

 Ain't she cute in that super huge jacket? Reminds me of a puppy LOL.

Credits: IU's Daum Cafe


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