Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lee Jung shows off his 5 high notes

Now why are we showing this post when he is totally not related to IU?

Lee Jung recently had a high note battle with IU, showing off his own 5-step version of IU’s famous 3-step booster.

On the April 2nd episode of KBS2TV’s “National Heroes“, IU appeared as a special guest, surprising her uncle fans.

The ‘uncle MCs’ including, Lee Jung, Kim Gura, and Kim Young Chul participated in a special ‘IU’s Scrapbook’ corner, with announcer Jeon Hyun Moo acting as the host.

Lee Jung was assigned to complete a special mission, which was to dance to IU’s ‘Good Day‘. He danced to it perfectly, and showed off his perfect harmony with the young idol.

The ex-marine also showcased his own version of IU’s 3-step booster. He made it even more special by making it into an impressive 5-step booster, surprising the entire cast.

Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Nate

To watch this scene, click HERE It's at part 3 near the 9 min point!.

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