Saturday, April 2, 2011

[Update] IU's Scrap book

Update: The entire episode is released! Click HERE to view it!

IU recently performed at IU's Scrap book! Checkout the videos!

For the last video, after showcasing a perfect collaboration of ‘Nagging’ with 2AM’s Changmin, she performed the track again, but this time with Kim Gu Ra. Before the song even went on cue, the other guests started to snicker as they suddenly changed the track’s title to “Nagging Gu Ra.”

Netizens, who have tuned in to this episode, have commented, “Kim Gu Ra’s rediscovery“, “How cute“, “She looks like she could be his daughter ke ke,” etc.

Will upload more when I find more videos! =)

Credits: Sayykimchi@allkpop, youtube uploaders

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