Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bobby Kim Praises IU!

Bobby Kim, the godfather of soul, praised IU.
At 7:00 pm on the 21st, Bobby Kim and IU held a passionate performance at Saecheonnyeon Hall at Konkuk University.

After the performance, Bobby Kim said, “IU is a promising singer with a strong foundation. Her passion and sincerity for music makes us forget about her young age.”

Bobby Kim and IU performed Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” for Wednesday Art Stage for the 10th Anniversary of MBC Plus Media and received applause from the audience.

Bobby Kim and IU’s performance will air on the 30th through MBC LIFE and MBC every1.

Bobby Kim is currently preparing for “2011 Bobby Kim National Tour Concert ‘Soul Together’” and the cumulative number of spectators will soon past the 100 thousand mark.

By Jung Byeong Geun (
Source: TV report

Looks like IU's talents are being recognized by more and more senior artists. GO IU!!!!!!! =)

To watch their performance, click HERE!

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