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Daum yozm interview Part 3 (warning long post)

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[Daum Exclusive] IU's star interview revealed! - Part 3 IU's future plans and popularity

Q1. You mentioned that you want to make your own music, but exactly what kind of music do you want to make?

(Last time, without stating a specific genre or anything, you said that your goal was to go as far as you could with music you could wholly control)

Firstly, my thoughts on that have not changed. That is why I want to write songs as soon as possible. To truly understand every part of a song, it has to be one that I write myself. Since I'll know everything that is written in it. I want to write a song soon, but I don't know in what genre. I'm not sure how it'll turn out. I need to study more. I just want to do sincere songs and songs that aren't cliche.

(So your genre and style aren't set?)

No. I can't always do the same genre, so I don't really know what my genre is. Like I mentioned earlier, I think there'll be more of ambient music. Nothing too energetic.

(Do you still practice writing songs?)

Yes. I'm still practicing.


Q2. Unnie~Your popularity is rising by a lot~Can you feel your popularity rising?Is there anything that is different from before, now that you're popular?I'm totally curious about what you think~~~

I can definitely feel it. (Laughs) Just recently, I was surprised when I had a lot of time between 'Music Core' and my next schedule. I went out with my coordi unnie, stylist unnie, and make up unnie to eat ice cream and several people on the streets recognized me. I said hello and went on my way and before, that would've been the end of it. Now, they greet me back and tell me that they like my song and that's the end but they follow me. The people following me are like clouds and they increase in number so that when I turn around, there's an alarming crowd of people behind me. When I enter the ice cream store, they stick to the glass window and watch me through it. (Laughs) It surprised me. It was the first time it happened to me and that's when I realized that things have changed. The funny thing is that once, I ran to avoid people and once I opened the door to the ice cream store and entered, it was playing my song. That was fascinating and I was fascinated at how the people inside recognized me too. I was a little surprised yesterday.

(I'm getting the feeling that you don't realize your own popularity...)

Right, since I don't have the chance to experience outside contact.

(Displaying only a bright image sounds burdensome and as your popularity rises, there will be more unexpected controversies like that of the 'Dream High' concert...)

I think I need to be more self-aware. I need to display proper behavior, and so I should realize this quickly.


Q3. Any plans for a solo concert this year?

(Your thoughts on a solo concert?)

You may know this already but nowadays, concerts aren't planned for much in advance. Concerts are done quickly and swiftly. After one or two months, there'll be a concert. Since it can happen so quickly, there aren't any specific plans yet. It'd be nice if I could do one though. I've had several opportunities to do a concert but I didn't have enough confidence so I kept postponing it. If I were to do a concert, a solo concert would be too burdensome. I have some '93 friends, not many, that I'd like to do it with and it'd be cool if the theme of the concert was graduation.

(You're referring to your singer friends?)

It'd mostly be Luna, T-Ara's Jiyeon, and if it were possible to cast him, Seungho. Yoo Seungho. Instead of doing just music, I want to have lots of talks. In a way, it'd be a concert for us, rather than the audience but if it were that way, I think it'd be a good memory. However, there are a lot of problems. All of our companies and distributors are different so I don't think it could be easily done. That's just my dream for now.

(Looking at your tendencies, I think you'd like to do your solo concert at a small venue rather than a big one)

Yes, I'd like a small theater. The reason why is that in big locations, I don't think my energy could be passed on easily. I'll look tiny too. I've been to many performances at big venues which is why I think all these things. Small venues are definitely better for the audience. They can watch at a closer proximity and be able to see more clearly. If I were to do a concert, I think I'd borrow a small theater to do it.

(You don't have plans for a solo concert?)

No, not yet.

(Then when do you want to do one?)

If I were to do one, then when I'm 20? I want to do it while I still have the fresh feeling of being in my early 20s.

(It seems you want to accumulate more for the concert)

My repertoire isn't adequate and there's no time for it either.

(There are many people who do concerts although their repertoires are small)

Yes, that's right. People tell me that all the time. Even sunbae singers. Shikyung oppa told me that he did a concert right after releasing his first album. He told me he did 'The Road To Me' as his first and encore song. He also did a pop song. For me, the idea behind a first concert means a lot to me so I want to properly prepare for it.

(Then you'll do it once your repertoire is adequate?)


(Your fans must be disappointed)



Q4. Any plans to debut in Japan?

(Since 'Dream High' has aired in Japan. Plus, the majority of singers that are similar to you in age are idols and are advancing into Japan.)

Right. I don't have any specific plans but I think things are being discussed. My Japanese isn't ready and I haven't studied the culture there so it'd be difficult to debut now. It's definitely a possibility though.

(So it seems there's some level of interest in Japan but specific plans haven't been set.)

It is something I must be prepared for, but I currently am not. (Hehe)

(Preparing for Japan will be difficult... Any comment on this?)

Firstly, the language is the most urgent and I want to (advance into Japan) once I'm ready for it.


Q5. What future plans do you have for your activities?

I think I'll be on a lot of variety shows. Just by my current schedule alone, there are a lot of variety shows. This is because I was supposed to do variety show activities with the promotion of 'Good Day' but due to 'Dream High', I couldn't go on shows. I didn't have the chance to share a lot of my stories. After wrapping up 'The Only Story I Didn't Know' promotions, I think I'll appear more on variety shows.

(Then you'll continue activities through variety shows?)

I won't be a fixed guest. I'll be part of a panel and I'll do 'Heroes' dilligently.

(As you concentrate on variety shows, will you have time to rest?)

I thought I would but because of 'Dream High', there were many events, photoshoots, and CFs that were postponed. I will do those first and I think I'll get time to rest afterwards.


Posted Image

Q6. What is IU's current goal?

(We're asking which of your goals is most meaningful to you.)

I want to create a spot for myself quickly. Right now, I'm kind of laid back and it's an unstable spot to be in. I'm very awkward and because I received attention so suddenly, I need to make a spot for myself. When people think of IU, I want them to be able to quickly organize an image...Right now, I think it's overhyped.

(It seems you don't think your explosive popularity completely belongs to you)

Boy, it sure doesn't. A lot of it is overhyped and misunderstood. From now on, I think there a lot of times I'll be disappointing. I want to quickly overcome that, make a truly strong spot, and live a stable life as a singer's.


Q7. As a singer, when was it most difficult for you and when were you happiest?

(Thinking back from this point in time?)

The most difficult was when my first album wasn't successful. I've said it numerous times before. I'm successful now because my foundation was set right. If it didn't happen then, I would've wavered. I'm thankful for it yet it's a painful memory. I was happiest when I was on my debut stage. I haven't felt anything like that of when I was first on Yoon Dohyun's Love Letter stage. I felt the stage lights and felt the audience's gaze. Time has passed and I may be glamorizing it but remembering back, I think I even felt the guitar sound. I just felt everything then. I was about to cry tears of joy because I was so happy and overwhelmed. So I think that was my happiest moment. Recently, an exciting moment was when I heard that I was doing Corinne Bailey Rate's opening performance.

(You mentioned Corinne Bailey Rae in the last interview too. You said that if your company wasn't going to let you go, that you would go alone if you had to)

Yes, I would've gone by myself, even if I had to skip my schedule. However, luckily, I was able to do the opening performance and watch the concert from close up. It was an honor.


Q8. IU-unnie, I would like you to share your thoughts with me, so you won't be as troubled as you are now~~~~ kekeke

I want the worries that I have now to be composed into the upcoming full length album but how will I persuade the producer? (Hahaha) What should I do so that they'll put it into my songs. That is why I am sending a text message every night.

(Your promotions have just finished and you're already worrying about your next album? When will it be released?)

It will probably be released sometime this year. Not anytime soon, but perhaps during the later half of the year. Only now, for the first time, I'm doing composition demos and I work with an engineer oppa in the studio, making him do my bidding. I released a song that I wrote myself in 'Dream High'. That way, I could get the attention of producers when cuts from those scenes pop up. So I could show them all the replies. (Puhaha)

(So you're putting on the pressure.)

Yes. Take a listen to this. I uploaded something on Betty(?) and there are 17 replies. 7 of those are requesting for it to be made into a downloadable song. So the pressure is on ^^. My ambition is to put two songs in (the album). One song in the intro and the other song will be the 10th track. How should I explain the 10th track... It's a track that one doesn't particularly look forward to nor listen to. And then that'll be that.

(You still seem to be a little shy.)

Yes. That is why it is my goal to put in the 10th track.

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