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'samsung & u' magazine May/June issue Interview section translated

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I've heard that in order to become a singer, you went for more than 20 auditions, but did not make it through any of them. Didn't you think of giving up halfway?

At that time, I didn't really go for auditions with the mindset, "I have to pass this audition to become a singer". I simply went because I found it fun to go for the auditions themselves, so I wasn't really sad or in despair when I didn't make it through them. I think I enjoyed going for the auditions themselves.

And then finally you passed an audition. How did you feel at that point in time?

I felt great, of course. Although, frankly I was in a daze. I wondered if my album really would be released through this company... I was probably lucky to meet Gummy-unni. On the day of my auditions, Gummy-unni happened to drop by the company office and I had my auditions in front of her. I even sang one of Gummy-unni's songs. After I was done singing, unni highly recommended me, so I got through the auditions.

How was it like as a trainee?

Since the time I spent as a trainee was very short, it wasn't that hard. I think I had fun living within that familial atmosphere. However, it's an undeniable fact that my trainee life was a large turning point for me. That was also when I first started receiving comments on my singing. Because of my singing, I've received compliments, but I've also been criticized… In any case, I've gained many special experiences. Thanks to all that, my ear for listening to music, my taste in music, even my motto in life all went through changes.

What's your motto?

"I'm a lucky person" is my personal motto. Perhaps you've heard of 'sophomoric illness'? It might just be due to adolescence, but in the 2nd year of middle school, everyone becomes pessimistic. It was the same for me too. However, during my period as a trainee, thanks to the help from those who guided me along, I was able to think positively. They say that good things come to those that constantly think positively. Likewise, if I think to myself "I'm a lucky person", then good fortune will find its way to me.

You also became famous for the so-called '3-level high note' in the song 'Good Day' that was released in 2010. How are you able to produce such a high-pitched note?

The 3-level high note was honestly also the part that gave us a slightly difficult time during recording. When I first heard about it, I thought it was really absurd. My first attempt during the recording, of course, was a failure. However, the staff present outside the recording studio told me it was no big deal and gave me support. So on my own, I thought 'it's no big deal, it's no big deal' and hypnotized myself this way. And then from the second recording onwards, I was able to get it right? I don't think anything is impossible as long as you change your way of thinking.

Although it's important to change your mindset, is it that easy to be able to do the 3-level high note just by doing so?

Many people have told me that it's difficult, but honestly the 3-level high note is simple and easy. You just have to be in tune, divide it into three parts and just scream it out. (Laughter) I think anyone can do it.

Don't you miss your life as an ordinary student, eating Ddeokbokki (*Note: Korean spicy rice cake) and going out with friends?

So far, I haven't once regretted my decision. Since I'm doing what I want to do, I'm always having fun and am happy. There are so many people who lead lives without being able to do what they want to do. In that sense, I feel that I'm quite lucky.

You debuted in 2008 at the young age of 15. How did you feel when you debuted?

Of course I was glad. But I didn't have any strong feelings. I just promised myself, "I have to do well, I musn't disappoint"? I have a calm personality so I don't get surprised easily or express myself very well. After my debut, my personality has become brighter and I learnt a lot about how to express myself from participating in entertainment activities.

Besides being a singer, you're also involved in activities ranging from MC, to talent and variety shows, but what is your future goal?

Out of all these things I've tried doing, variety shows are probaby the toughest. I'm not very good at being funny with my speech. I feel most comfortable when I sing. In the future too, I hope to keep singing for a very long time. As long as my voice is still intact, I would like to perform on stage.

You've become very popular through your lively and refreshing songs, but what kind of songs do you personally prefer?

Personally, rather than songs that use a lot of instruments, I prefer quiet, acoustic songs. My favourite would be Corinne Bailey Rae's songs. I have great respect for Kim Gwang Suk senior and I like Lee So Ra senior's songs too. Acoustic songs have a certain charm that attracts the attention of people to concentrate on the song. You feel like you can organise your thoughts too… For the average person, rather than a loud voice, a low chanting voice gets one to focus better. In the future, I would like to sing such songs.

Nowadays, IU is the trend. What do you think is the secret to your popularity?

I think I am well-loved for my bright and cute appearance and showing an image that suits my age. I just stick to the basics, but I'm grateful to be receiving more love than I deserve.

What is being a singer to IU?

I feel there are many aspects I lack that prevent me from confidently calling myself a singer. I'm working hard to become a true singer. I think a singer should be able to convey emotion through a song and deeply move an audience. However, I think I'm still lacking in years of experience and in many other aspects. I don't think I can even count a third time when I've truly immersed myself in a performance. In future, I will work a lot harder to become a good singer.

Currently, you are the exclusive model for Samsung Anycall, following in the footsteps of BoA, Lee Joon Ki and Lee Hyori. How did you feel when you first received the offer to be the model for Anycall?

Really great! I thought to myself, 'a day like this has come even for me', 'I've really been successful' and I was really amazed as well. I don't particularly feel like much of a star myself though. I don't have that sort of experience and it doesn't feel real. Occasionally, when I walk on the streets alone, people recognise me. But, they don't exactly panic or make a fuss like they would when they meet other stars? (Laughter)

The Galaxy S Hoppin CF is really interesting. Since when did IU get so pretty?

When we were filming that CF, there wasn't any script in particular. The director just told us to do as we pleased, so we said this and that, but it was edited in a really interesting manner. The line "Since when did IU get so pretty?" was used by the actor I was working with since he appeared in the drama <Secret Garden>.

At the filming site or at event venues, you probably met a lot of Samsung staff, how do you feel towards them?

I feel that they are decent and kind and flowing with joy and energy. Sometime ago, I attended the Samsung Nanocity event. Before arriving at the event venue, I was worried about what to do if they were all really serious people, but they gave such a great response that I was able to enjoy the time I spent there.

Do you actually use a Galaxy S yourself?

That goes without saying, since I'm an Anycall model right? (Laughter) When we were filming the Hoppin CF, I used it for a short while. I'm always on either my Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab. When I need to use the phone, I use my Galaxy S and when I need to use the Internet, I use my Galaxy Tab. It's good that the internet speed for my Galaxy Tab is much faster than Galaxy S. However, truthfully speaking, I'm not using any applications on these gadgets because I'm bad with technology.

On January 2nd, during the Samsung Thunders basketball home game, you shot a basket. That day, the stadium had an all-season record of 8526 people in the audience. Samsung also won 88-76 for that match. When Samsung and IU meet, does it become a 'Good Day'?

Is that so? Upon hearing that, I think we're off to a good start. Sometime ago, I filmed the Galaxy S2 CF too. Only time will tell whether the CF was successful, but since Galaxy S was such a big hit, won't Galaxy S2 certainly be a big hit too? To all my fans, please give Galaxy S2 lots and lots of love~~!

If IU were to join Samsung, what will she be working as?

I'm not sure, would there be work that I'm capable of doing? Umm…, if it has to do with publicity, I would probably be able to help out.

There are many huge fans of you among Samsung staff and <samsung & u> readers too. Please say a few words to them.

To all the unnies, oppas and uncle fans who love me, I am deeply grateful. Please continue to look out for me and support me in future. I'll be an IU that always works hard. Also, as a Samsung Anycall model, I will do my best to spread Samsung far and wide and bring about an even better image for them. Thank you.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Editing: Seayoo @ WeHeartIU

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