Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IU to release her self composed song!

 IU is gearing up to release her very first self-written song!

Loen Entertainment’s producer, Cho Youngcheol, hinted at the new release through a tweet on May 24th. He wrote, “IU’s first written song coming soon!“. He continued, “Jieun (IU) said she’s shy but I want to show it off. It’s her first work, but she did a great job…and I give my ‘best love’ to Jieun...”

Noting the quotes around ‘best love’, fans immediately guessed that the producer was alluding to the MBC drama, “Best Love“, which stars Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won. It seems likely, therefore, that IU took part in the drama’s OST.

In fact, some fans even heard IU’s voice in the drama, and commented: “I can already see this as a big hit. It’s IU’s song but why isn’t it getting released?“, “I am amazed by her high-pitched voice“, and ”I knew it was IU the first time I heard it”.

Credits: 1takek@allkpop

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