Friday, April 29, 2011

F(x)'s Luna was once angry with IU

F(x)’s Luna recently gave an interview where she revealed some interesting and comical information about IU.

Many fans know that the two girls are very close and often meet up to do things.

In this interview, Luna revealed a particular time whereby IU upset her by not thanking her in her speech after her song took 1st. You must be thinking that this is a mistake, IU would never do that to one of her closest friends.  Can you guess what happened?

When IU just started her Marshmallow activities, Luna gave her a small slip of paper which said “how about we become close?”. In response, IU gave her a gangster rabbit (literal translation) and a slip of paper. Although they can’t meet regularly now, they will still contact each other whenever they are tired or have some good news.

But something upsetting happened. When IU’s Good Day received no. 1, Luna had gone to her waiting room and gave her a short encouragement of “you’ll win it big today!” before the show, but when she really did win first, IU did not mention Luna in her thank you speech.

Luna laughed and said that she was angry at first, but later realised that IU had mentioned her real name instead.

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It's so funny!!!!!!!!!!

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