Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As usual, IU’s “Story Only I Didn’t Know” reaches top, displaces Big Bang

Seoul, Korea – IU’s “Story Only I Didn’t Know” took first place on the music charts, despite Big Bang’s recent release of their comeback song.

IU’s new single topped the online sales charts on Soribada, giving her another run of being at the top of the music charts, just six weeks after her song, “Good Day” had topped the charts for 4 consecutive weeks.

Story Only I Didn’t Know” combines Yoonsang’s unique musical colors with IU’s lovely vocals, and fans are receiving the song well. Also, IU has received credit for having another song, “Cruel Fairytale” place third on the charts, on top of having “Story Only I Didn’t Know” being number one.

Meanwhile, Big Bang released a comeback mini album with the title song, “TONIGHT,” which placed sixth on music charts.

Credits: Tim Lee@Korea.com
Source: TV report

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