Saturday, March 5, 2011

'IU kindergarten' Homepage shut down for 5 days

Remember the IU kindergarten scene on the last episode of 'Dream High'?'? Well something happened to it...

Translated article:

Thanks to the final episode of ‘Dream High’, the actual homepage for a kindergarten school had to shut down for 5 days due to a flood of interest from netizens.

On the Feb. 28th broadcast of the final episode for KBS 2TV’s ‘Dream High’, there were scenes depicting the future of each Dream High member, 7 years later.

The one that brought the most laughter was that of Kim Pilsook (played by IU), who went on to establish ‘IU Kindergarten’ and was singing lullabies to her students.

Afterwards, netizens immediately discovered the existence of an actual ‘Children’s Kindergarten’* located in Kyungki-do, and due to the sudden interest, their homepage was shut down until March 5th.

Meanwhile, through a phone interview with Newsen, a representative from the production company for ‘Dream High’ stated, “We had absolutely no idea that a real ‘IU Kindergarten’ even existed. We were only trying to have a play on words with the name ‘IU’, and so we are astonished to see it become the center of such attention.”

Further, the representative expressed “We heard that the actual kindergarten’s homepage was forced to temporarily shut down. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that was caused during this school registration period. We hope that people will refrain from unnecessarily visiting their website.”

* Translator’s Note: The term ‘IU Kindergarten’ is a pun. IU is written as ‘ah-ee-yoo’ in Korean, and ‘ah-ee’ alone means ‘children’, whereas the Korean word for ‘kindergarten’ is ‘yoo-chi-won’. So together, ‘ah-ee-yoo-chi-won’ can mean ‘IU Kindergarten’ (as in the case for ‘Dream High’) or ‘Children’s Kindergarten’ (as in the case for the actual school).
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Source: Newsen

The netizens are really cute! Did they really think that they would find IU there singing to their kids if they sent them there? LOL anyway it was really good publicity for the school

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