Saturday, March 5, 2011

5dolls Chanmi wants to form a unit with IU!

Chanmi recently debuted again with 5dolls, the female sub-unit of Coed. The girls released their first mini album "Charismatic Five Dolls" featuring songs such as "It's You" and "Lip Stains." The music video for "Lip Stains" featured Jay Park and received explosive responses as the video gained 15,000 views within 15 minutes.

Chanmi recently stated, "I want to do unit activities with IU sunbae. I also want to get a solo album. But for now, 5dolls and I will work hard this year. This year, I want to get a rookie award and do a lot of advertisements."

Credits: Junchan@koreaboo
Source: Star Chosun

IU have been forming lots of couples recently eh? From the WooU (milky) couple to the Ji-U (Jiyeon IU)couple. If they did form a unit, what should we call them? U me couple? LOL

Anyway, for those not familiar with 5dolls here is a clip of their performance:

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