Thursday, March 3, 2011

White Day’s Number 1 Model is Hyun Bin/IU

White enough? LOL

An article has surfaced recently stating that online commercial companies have picked Hyun Bin and IU as the top models of White Day.

Overture Korea ran a survey to 100 online marketers and commercial companies for two weeks on the best fitting model for White Day. The survey showed that Hyun Bin and IU were at the top of the list. as expected

Nickhun followed Hyun Bin in the male category with 25 votes, Won Bin got 16 votes, and so on.

IU was able to rack up 65 votes, with SNSD following up with 16 votes. Kim Tae Hee got third with 8 votes. Wow even SNSD?!??!?!

Online marketers said that the White Day ads have the best effect if shown two weeks prior.
The popular gifts for White Day are predicted to be candy, chocolate, cake, cosmetics, and other items that are popular on White Day, even when technological items such as smartphones, and tablet PCs are the leading products in sales.

Credits: Dongie@koreaboo
Source: Joy news

That's really remarkable. To be able to even outdo the Queens of CFs, SNSD. Just one word. WOW. =)

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