Saturday, January 29, 2011

JYPE responds to 'Some Day' Plagiarism accusations

JYPE has released an official statement with regards to the plagiarism issue! Go under the cuts to check out the translated article!
An OST track from KBS’s “Dream High” had some netizens accusing JYP Entertainment of plagiarism. The song in question, “Some Day“, was written by Park Jin Young and sung by teenage sensation, IU.
According to the complaints, “Some Day” reportedly carries a chorus similar to Ash’s song ‘To My Man’, which released back in October of 2005. Others are of the view that it’s not just the chorus that was similar, but the progression of the song as well. The difference, they point out, is that ‘Some Day’s beat was faster than ‘To My Man’s.

JYP Entertainment released their official statement to Star News on January 29th, which began: “When this controversy sprouted, we listened to ‘To My Man’ today. When we heard it, the chorus part did seem similar, but these chord progressions and melodies are frequently used in mainstream music.
There are many people who are associated to the song ‘To My Man’, and there are a lot of people who know the song as well. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to intentionally plagiarize.

JYPE also explained that they utilize a system of checks to prevent these kinds of accusations. “To be honest, there have been controversies like this before, so in our company we always have some inside lyricists and/or producers, as well as employees who listen to the song. Of course, the A&R department also check the music very ‘hard’ too. We even utilize smartphone music-search applications.

Still, the company did express their regret about having such an issue arise. “Despite our efforts, we are regretful that this kind of situation happened. We hope that the producer of ‘To My Man’, Kim Shin Il, and the public will generously understand this.

On the other hand, Kim Shin Il said in a phone call with Star News, “Actually, I haven’t listened to ‘Some Day’ yet. After I listen to it, I’ll reveal my thoughts (about the possibility of plagiarism).”

Kim Shin Il, a talented musician and soul singer, graduated from the Berklee College of Music and has produced various albums from singers like Lee Mun Se and Kim Jang Hoon.
Credits: Denouement@allkpop

I don't know about you guys, but copy or not, I still love the song 'Someday' as well as our little girl IU =)

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