Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KBS 'Winter Concert' to be serenaded by IU with Korean traditional music

Yes, the topic says it all. We, IU fans, are in for a treat as IU will be performing in the KBS 'winter concert' displaying her famous 'three high notes' in Good day using korean traditional music...

In case you all are wondering how korean traditional music sounds like, it sounds like this:

 And yup, close your mouths , yes IU will be performing using music like this  Isn't there anything our girl can't do? *arrogant tone*

Anyway here is the translated article:
Singer IU has set a new challenge for herself: to sing a song in the Korean traditional music genre with her famous ‘three high notes’.

IU will stand on stage of the KBS youth orchestra concert, titled ‘Winter Concert’, on January 28th at the KBS hall. The ‘Winter Concert’ will be dedicated to young adults currently enjoying their school break, and will consist of fusion music between both Korea’s popular and traditional music.

For this upcoming concert, IU is scheduled to perform her ‘Dream High’ OST song, “Someday“, as well as sing her most recent title track, “Good Day’.

“As a way to make it easier to approach young adults with traditional music, we decided to combine it with IU, a singer who is receiving tremendous popularity and acknowledgement for her talents. We’re anticipating the beautiful harmony between the sounds of the traditional instruments and IU’s ‘three high notes’, which will hopefully be a meaningful stage for the young adults,” stated a representative.
Credits: Vitalwarning@allkpop
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110125n19276

Remember the date folks! It's January 28! Please catch it if you can! Or alternatively you can check back here as we will definitely be updating the video of the performance =)

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