Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing to do on Lunar New year?

Update 2: Included more photos of their date!
Update 1: Included a fancam of Taewoo carrying IU

Don't fret!!!!Cause....

In one article from Star Today, IU was spotted dating her idol Kim Tae Woo!! *gasps!!* But fortunately, it was for an SBS Lunar new year special!

Check out the translated article! =)

IU enjoyed a date (?) in Hongdae*with her ideal type, Kim Tae Woo.

Starting in the morning of the 16th, the two were seen wearing matching couple hats while filming on the streets of Hongdae for a variety show. A bystander uploaded a picture onto Twitter and received an explosive response, with people going so far as to speculate “are they filming for MBC ‘We Got Married’ by any chance?”

However, this shoot has been confirmed to be part of an upcoming SBS Lunar New Year Special. The two were filming a dating concept in Hongdae.

Earlier, on a recording for SBS Radio’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,’ when asked “These days you keep changing your ideal type, but who was your original ideal man?”, IU answered Kim Tae Woo. IU stated “After I debuted I had the chance to meet him, and he was seriously very tall in person. But when I told him I had always been his fan, that I liked him, he said that I was lying and didn’t believe me.”

*Translator’s note: Hongdae is an entertainment and clubbing district in Seoul

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Source: Star Today
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Source: pilsuk@youtube


Are you all excited!??!! Well I am! Tune in to this website as we will try to upload the videos as soon as possible!

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