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Woo-U couple strikes?

Male fans...I suggest you not read this.

Jason and Pilsuk's relationship might have taken a turn in to reality. Check out the article below.
Referred to as the ‘Woo-U Couple’, Jang Wooyoung & IU’s relationship is ever developing and it recently made its way into real life as well.

In KBS 2TV’s ‘Dream High,’ Jang Wooyoung receives the love of IU, and he even wrote in his Cyworld diary, “Pilsookie~ kekeke”, which stirred the curiosity of the fans.

Also, the production company of ‘Dream High’ said in an phone call with Newsen on January 26th, “IU’s costume is now finally over. She will soon appear with a pretty and beautiful image” and “Pilsook’s crush will also face a change,” dropping slight hints of what’s to come.

They continued by saying, “Wooyoung will be shocked when IU turns over a new leaf. Their love line will be different from the love triangle between Suzy, Taecyeon, and Kim Soohyun, exciting the viewers in a different way.

Meanwhile, on the recently aired 7th episode, Kim Pilsook (IU) and Jason (Wooyoung) enjoy their karaoke date, growing a lot closer. Jason gains more interest in Pilsook, who holds an innocent charm, and grow closer by doing a stage performance together for a fake showcase amongst the trainees.

At the end of the episode, Pilsook says to Jason, “Wait for me for just 200 days,” hinting at Pilsook’s upcoming diet.
I was really excited to see the real IU on screen, however, this also means a developing love line with Wooyoung which also means more lovey dovey scenes too. Kinda in a dilemma huh?

Also in another article, Wooyoung was asked to choose a scene which he particularly liked and disliked.

He chose the the karaoke scene with IU as the one he liked the most and he continued, “A scene I didn’t particularly like was when I asked ‘Pil Sook’ whether she filed to drop out or not.  I think I lacked confidence in that scene, especially since ‘Jason’ is a very confident and charming character overall.  I felt like I froze because it was my first time, so those are aspects I will be working on.”

At the mention of his “Milky” love line with IU, he explained, “I’m genuinely thankful towards the viewers for giving their interest and support towards the ‘Pil Sook’ and ‘Jason’ love line.  IU helps me greatly, as I feel that her character is great at accepting ‘Jason.’  I hope that their love line continues in a cute and beautiful manner in the future.” 

Wooyoung concluded, “Despite the cold weather and her poor condition, she works hard, so I’m proud.  Since my castmates are my friends and we’re all heading towards our dreams, there is some competition, but I’m able to work harder because of that.  Even if we don’t receive great viewer ratings, I’d still like to thank everyone.  I’ll be working harder with better effort.”
Here is the clip of the karaoke scene in case you all missed it
Finally, during an interview where the cast of 'Dream High' have to choose which character is the most successful character in the drama, Wooyoung chose IU, with whom he has a love line, and said, “Pilsook is going to succeed the most” and “I will be a Jason that continues to support Pilsook.” while other members chose Ham Eunjung and Kim Soohyun.

Don't you find it strange? That whatever Wooyoung All about IU? Forgive the pun, it's harmless =)

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