Friday, January 21, 2011

IU posts photo collage for ending promotions prematurely

IU ended her promotions earlier than expected due to her hectic schedule such as filming in KBS 2TV's 'Dream High' and being on radio shows. Furthermore, there were reports stating that she wasn't in the pink of health during the Good Day Promotions.

So as a way of apologizing to her fans, she posted some never before seen photos of herself!

The star left the following message with her photo collage:
“Hello. This is IU.
I wanted to start off with a “Good morning,” but it turns out I had to end quickly, so I wanted to apologize to my fans.
Because of the cold weather, I’ve caught the flu. Though I stated that “I want to perform more,” it seems that with the advice from my manager, I will be ending album performances a bit early.
However, I promise to work harder for my next album and sing for a long, long time. To make up for the early end of promotions, I will post a bunch of photos with other stars.”
1. During Dream High recording with miss A’s Suzy. The bubble says, “I found myself a younger sister too!”
2. Dancing to SNSD’s “Genie” with costars.

3. Transforming into “fat girl” Kim Pil Sook. “I have to put silicon pads on my face. Look forward to Pil Sook getting prettier and prettier.”
4. “I transformed into a rabbit for Heroes”. The suit is a bit heavy, but it’s okay. If I wore it during summer, it’d be a problem.”
5. “I took this in the waiting room. These days I’m hearing rumors about IU’s plastic surgery. I do surgery everyday thanks to the stylists who do my make-up. I’m surprised when I see my face afterwards too.” Caption: “I think my eyelids are asymmetrical
6. “The black and white photo is cool, don’t you think? The waiting time is long so I’m about to fall asleep. Please help me stay awake~.”
7. “Before I turn into a rabbit. I always have fun whenever I go to the recording for “Heroes.” Shin Bong Sun and After School’s Kahi are like my big sisters.”
8. “Though I’m not beautiful, the simple me has become a model. I was happy because I got to wear a cute one-piece.”
9. Seo In Kook, who is the model for Unionbay with me. It’s a cute lovers concept – do we match?”
10. “My eyes are getting heavy with sleep. I’m getting my make-up done for a commercial. Every day is a war against sleep.”
11. “Signing autographs, you say? I’m making a prop for a commercial. My signature made a beautiful picture. How’s my art? Even the art director acknowledged it. Being able to sing 3-tones isn’t everything.” Caption: “I love you.”

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