Thursday, February 24, 2011

IU@Alicia festival

IU recently attended the Alicia festival! Check out the translated article after the cut! =)

Translated article:
“It’s as if I’m actually on horseback. I now feel an affinity for horses and it’s really so much fun.”

Popular singer IU made a formal appearance at NtreevSports’ ‘Alicia Festival’ for their latest video game ‘The Story of a Horse and Me, Alicia’.

On the 24th, at the iParkMall in Seoul, IU performed her hit song ‘Good Day’ and new song ‘A Story Only I Didn’t Know,’ as well as participating in a demo game of ‘Alicia’ along with her fans.

IU expressed her thoughts on the game, stating “I’m not very skilled at video games, but Alicia is fun and easy to play. Especially when playing Alicia, it feels like you’re really riding a horse.” IU further mentioned “Through my preparations for the CF filming, I learned how to ride a horse for the first time” and, “Now I feel an affinity for horses.”
 At this ‘Alicia Festival’, over 1,600 participants were invited as well as over 400 reporters. During the event, as soon as IU made her appearance, an overwhelming crowd gathered around with much interest.
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Source: Nate

This game is really quite fun! You should all try it too!! =)

Videos of the event!


Source: Pilsuk@youtube, Luv-iu

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