Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IU drives Uncle Fans crazy with her killer winks!

This year’s most popular star is most definitely IU. Not only is she promoting albums, she is working hard in dramas, and everything she does has been a big hit. The fans are showing so much interest in her new TV commercial.

The Home Plus “Kind Bean Sprout” showed IU’s trademark brightness and cuteness. She did her 3 level high note in the commercial, proving once again that she is the most popular star of this year.

In the commercial, she is yelling something while wearing short shorts and holding a red voice magnifier. She shows off a very cute dance with Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Seung Min who also appeared on the commercial.

The dance that the three of them do is unbalanced in its own way but also has perfect synchronization. It is expected that the commercial will create a whole new “dance syndrome.”

IU runs around the entire bakery and winks while holding onto a piece of bread, making uncle fans go crazy.

The main part of the commercial is most definitely IU holding onto a bag of bean sprouts. She was shown hugging a sack of bean sprouts that was bigger than her, and watering the sprouts with a small orange watering can.

The commercial is also famous for comparing the face sizes of Kang Ho Dong and IU. The video of “Big Head” Kang Ho Dong meeting with “Popular” IU was an instant hit online. IU only laughed shyly when Ho Dong said this.

The netizens said “It’s not that Kang Ho Dong has a big head, IU just has a really small head.”

Credits: Dongie@askactor
Source: Joynews

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