Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Update] IU on "Welcome to the Show!" and "Inkigayo"!

Update: Included a teaser video of "Welcome to the show"

Fans are in for a treat as IU was reported to be a cast on 2 shows, "Welcome to the Show" and "Inkigayo"!!!

SBS’s highly-anticipated sitcom, ‘Welcome to the SHOW‘, has finally revealed its air date!
“Welcome to the SHOW” is a new style of sitcom that’s sure to draw in strong interest.

Revolving around the “Inkigayo” stage, the show focuses on behind-the-scenes events from the music program; in fact, these stories will be told so well that viewers will find it hard to differentiate between reality and fiction.

The show boasts a colorful cast comprised of 2AM’s Seulong, 2PM’s Nichkhun, f(x)’s SulliIU, Park Kwang Hyun, Kim Kwang Kyu, and Kim Jang Hoon. Seulong, Nichkhun, and Sulli will all play as themselves, but they’ve become the MCs of “Inkigayo”. The trio, in addition to IU, will be involved in cute love relationships.

Meanwhile, Kim Jang Hoon will be playing a singer named ‘Maestro’, and Kim Kwang Kyu will be playing as the manager. The episodes that develop between ‘Mae’ (who is petulant and arrogant) and his manager, (who is cautious not to anger his star singer) is anticipated to be both comedic and moving.

An 80-minute special episode of ‘Welcome to the SHOW’ will air on March 16th at 11:15pm.

Now moving on to the REAL INKIGAYO,  IU and Lee Ki Kwang were chosen as the new MCs for it!

According to SBS representative, IU and Lee Ki Kwang are set to start MCing for the show on the 9th.
The two of them will replace Jung Yong Hwa who is leaving the MC spot and work together with Jo Kwon and Sulli.

The representative said “There will be 4 MCs for the show. Lee Ki Kwang is one of the top MCs who are idols and we are looking forward to his teamwork with Jo Kwon.”

He also said “IU is also one of the major idol singers that is very popular along with Sulli. We are hoping that IU will be more than satisfactory in her MCing skills.”

Inkigayo will start using their 4 MCs on the 20th and is expected to receive lots of attention from the teens.

Credits: Phenom@allkpop, Dongie@askactor.
Source: Nate ,Starnews

Aren't you all elated? I thought we will be seeing IU a whole lot less after Dream High is over. But now we have these! It is a good reason to party =)

Teaser video

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