Tuesday, March 8, 2011

IU’s height increasing secret revealed!!

 Nope definitely not like that

IU’s secret behind her height has been revealed!! Yes I know I repeated it

On Gil’s Beauty Project Island of Beautiful Woman which airs on the new female entertainment channel, TrendE, MC Gil met IU’s trainer and investigated into “IU’s exercise method of becoming taller.”

IU’s trainer explained, “Depending on how she exercises in the future, IU, who has just turned into 19, has an infinite possibility of becoming taller. Through the exercise method, IU has grown 1 cm over the last few months.”

The trainer continued, “IU suffers whenever she exercises. Whenever the training is hard for her, she enjoys using the word ‘Dae~bak’.”

Gil commented that IU made the production crew laugh by cutely saying “Dae~bak” whenever the training burdened her.

IU’s episode will be aired on the 8th (Tuesday) at midnight.

Credits Sung Kyu Chang@korea.com
Source: Reviewstar

Wuhoo!!! If IU grows abit taller, she would be a whole lot more prettier =)


  1. what's her secret in increasing her height?

  2. Wow, so curious. I'm at the same age as her but I haven't increase any cm since the past 2 years