Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Me2day posts from IU

IU recently posted on me2day with selcas (self-shots) of herself with Jiyeon (Ji-U couple!) and Luna.


Just got back from recording 'Come To Play'!There weren't any photos with the three of us..ㅜㅜ My dear friends, my lovely, lovely, and reliable friends! So-pretty-it's-unreal Jiyeonnie and reliable-and-cool Sunyoungie, we must put on a '93-ers concert! It's been a really really encouraging night!!I love you♥

More under the cut!

Taking a picture without me!!Pssh, so pretty! Jiyeon, Sunyoung, thank you always!!♥

*Note: Sunyoung is f(x) Luna's real name

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: me2day

Netizens commented, “So cute!! I feel proud”, “When did the filming end? Take care of your health”, “I’ll be sure to tune in”, and “Have a 93 line concert! Really!!

The show will air next week! Stay tuned as I will try to bring updates asap! =)

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