Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Sometimes the sudden popularity is burdening"

Remember IU recently appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol Sketch Book? Besides performing, she also mentioned about her feelings on her exploding popularity. Check it out.

Translated article:
IU expressed her feelings about her sudden increase in popularity.

She came out on Sketchbook on the 11th and said "When I couldn't control myself, a fan nearing 50 years in age made me snap back into reality with his supporting message."

She said "I was loved all of a sudden with 'Good Day.' I was really happy. I was nice to everyone during those days but with 'Story Only I Didn't Know,' I became dark because the song itself was dark."

"I couldn't control myself because I had so little sleep. When I was lost, a text message from an uncle fan gave me strength."

IU said "When I first came out on 'Sketchbook,' there was nothing for me to do so it was hard. Then I got lots of work and I thought that if I whined about the workload, that would be even worse."

She recently got a lot of problems to think about. She said "The attention directed towards me grew, but I couldn't act accordingly. Sometimes, the popularity is awkward, burdening, and I'm scared by it."
Credits: Dongie@askactor
Source: Newsen

Being a celebrity is really hard eh? You want to be popular and famous, but what comes with it is stress, high expectations and a lack of private space. Especially when IU is still so young, I bet it is a lot more tougher for her as she still has other things to juggle such as studies for example. So as fans let's give her our most sincerest support and help bring her through her tough times ya?

IU fwighting!!

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