Friday, March 11, 2011

Wondering what to give on White day?

Even though the drama is over, the “Dream High” fever isn’t cooling down any time soon.

Tous les Jours (owned by CJ), is planning to sell the ‘couple lollipop’ that Jason (Wooyoung) gave to Pilsook (IU) in the drama.  Also referred to as the “Dream Candy”, the cheerful, colored lollipop is supposed to represent the love between Jason and Pilsook.

According to a representative of Tous le Jours’, “Because the characters (Jason and Pilsook) gained lots of popularity for their charming love on ‘Dream High’, we’re pleased to release this candy.” They added, “On White Day [March 14 - the Korean version of Valentine's Day, where guys buy chocolates for girls], we hope that many people will be able to experience that beautiful love that we saw in the drama.”

The special lollipop is a special limited edition item that will be available only over the next 10 days. Would you get your significant other an “IU Candy”?

Credits: Sarahsusiepak@allkpop
Source: Yahoo Korea

Got yours soon! =)


  1. I have only tried this kinda lollipop once in my entire life of 24 years.. if i get a gf, maybe will buy Malaysia version lollipop instead~ lol..

    cuz they are really colourful.. =)

  2. I do hope that there will be a malaysian version for it LOL