Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seo U or I young?

Another potential couple? LOL

For the latest issue of the fashion magazine ‘SURE’, IU went to London for a romantic, feminine photoshoot.

One of the accessories she carries is a bag that was designed by none other than Seo Inyoung herself, whose unique designs are eye-catching.

A representative from the photoshoot staff stated, “Rather than the singer IU, we get to see the 19-year-old Lee Jieun. IU is tough as much as she is shy, and she’s a girl with a bright and confident way of thinking.”

Meanwhile, IU’s London photoshoot can be seen in the May issue of ‘SURE.’

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Source: Nate

Heroes really bonded the girls well. Heard that IU often meets up with Jiyeon and Kahi too =)

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