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[Update 2] IU and Song Joong Ki's Nylon Magazine shots unveiled

Update 2: Included translations of the text in the magazine under the cut! =)

Update: Included some magazine scans of IU as well as the video under the cut!

A very very short picture post of IU's photoshoot @ Nylon Magazine with Song Joong Ki! Check it out!

Source: mag_nylon + dear_ssong @ twitter
credit: weheartiu

So cute! Can't wait for the actual photos to be out =)

IU stands before the camera. A different pose for every click of the camera shutter, she is truly something else. Having only seen her sing or play the guitar, now that I see IU posing like a real model, if even I find her to be so drop-dead gorgeous, then surely her uncle fans would be going insane right about now. The uncle fans amongst the studio staff gaze onward with delight. There's even an uncle fan who was unconsciously mimicking IU's expressions. Soon after, he became so excited that he was covering his mouth with his hands. When she wasn't having her photos taken, IU looked to be slightly worn out. With such a grueling schedule in these past few months, even the strongest man on earth would have trouble coping. Covering her knees with a blanket, she'll be sitting quietly by herself, but as soon as she steps onto the set, she is doing splits and even jumping into the air. Since she's learning how to figure skate, she seems to be trying to show all she's got today.

Did you have a good night's sleep?
These days, I'm getting plenty of rest.

That's a relief. From what I saw earlier, Song Joong Ki seems to really take care of you.
He's very attentive and has good manners. Even during the photoshoot, because he was leading me well, I feel comfortable around him.

How have you been recently?
I've been doing a lot of photoshoots and CFs. Recently, I resumed lessons on harmony and guitar, and I'm studying English and Japanese as well.

I've always thought that you look very pretty when you're playing the guitar.
I started taking lessons during my 3rd year of middle school and even now, I'm still learning. I like Corinne Bailey Rae, and watching her play the guitar made me want to work even harder.

Not too long ago, didn't the two of you perform on stage together?
Words cannot express how wonderful that experience was for me. I had the opportunity to stand on stage together with the very person who got me into music.

What kind of advice did she give you?
She said that it's important to find my own true colors. I could feel that she was looking out for me and treating me sincerely.

It seems that you have many worries and ambitions for your next album.
It'll be boring if I do something similar to the last album. I want to show an image of myself developing and maturing. It won't be a 180 degree transformation, but there will definitely be changes.

How was your experience as an actor in 'Dream High'?
The atmosphere on the set was nice and I enjoyed it. Though my body was tired, it was fun, so I kept wanting to go back there again.

What was it that made it so fun?
Singing can be a bit abstract, but in contrast, acting requires me to express emotions directly through my lines, and I have to go all out with my actions. Also, I had to portray someone who wasn't me, as if it were me.

During your promotional activites, your personality seems to have changed a lot.
I've become brighter and perkier. As I encountered more people, I naturally changed, but it also occurred to me that I needed to change somewhat on my own.

I hear that you're learning to figure skate. It seems like you'll really suit the ice rink.
I'm learning figure skating for a variety show I'm about to participate in. Due to my schedule, it's difficult for me to practice everyday, but whenever I have the time, I try to go.

What will IU be doing 10 years from now?
I'll probably be preparing for marriage. At that time, I hope to have by my side, a family guy who is thoughtful and reliable.

Song Joong Ki
Presently, in the studio, over 50 staff members are busy getting ready. Indeed, it's a setting fit for the popular couple. Song Joong Ki, who arrived slightly later than IU, is wearing in a denim shirt and denim pants. Even though the combination of 'denim+denim' is not an easy style to pull off, seeing as how he manages to do so successfully, it seems we can expect nothing less of Song Joong Ki. With his hair cut so short, it brings attention to his pale long neck attracts all the more. He goes around the studio to greet everyone politely, even the young female staffer who emerges from the restroom. He checks whether there's enough circulation in the tube which IU is to sit in, monitors how well their photos turn out, and looks over which props are to be used for the photoshoot. Out of the entire staff of 50 or so people, it seems that he might just be the busiest one.

This is your second time on a photoshoot with IU, what's it like working together?
She's a very bubbly and cute friend of mine. If that was all that there was to her, it would be good enough, but she's humble and kind as well. I hope she continues to be that way.

NOTE: The rest of Song Joong Ki's interview has been omitted

Nylon TV video

Credits: SongJoongki@yt, squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU
Source: Nylon magazine, May 2011 issue

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