Saturday, April 23, 2011

IU beats Kim Yuna in CF battle

In February 2011, singer IU and Kim Yuna were both chosen as models for Samsung Anycall's Galaxy S series, endorsing the 'Hoppin' and 'Wave II' models respectively, but reactions to their endorsements differed significantly.

According to sources from the advertising industry, IU is worth 200 million won ($185,000 USD) in endorsement fees, while Kim Yuna is worth almost 5 times more, at 1000 million won ($925,000 USD).

However, netizens who have seen the CFs gave responses such as, "No matter how we look at it, as IU receives attention from her uncle fans, she emerges as the winner in this series of advertisements" and "The nation's little sister is now IU".

Kyung Won Sik, Director of Korea's Consumer Mind Strategic Research Institute, explained, "If there is double casting of models, inevitably, such a phenomenon will occur" and "even though you may be advertising for just one brand, from the consumer perspective, their preferences for CF models and content will be divided."

(Parts of the article irrelevant to IU were omitted from the translation.)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Nate

Gives me good reason to spam IU's video! Added Kim Yuna's too for you all to compare =) of course IU's was better


  1. pwned!!!! hahah fighting IU ~

  2. I think Kim Yuna has been a Korea national icon longer than IU does, hence from marketability and popularity range is higher for Yuna.

    **But for non-koreans and kpop-virus infected people like me, IU's an idol i can relate to well..**

    On a side note, I do have the tendency to play IU's video more than twice to watch it again and again, but not for Yuna. I only watch Yuna's once and that's it. How about you all? :)

  3. Yup Bigbang! IU Fighting! haha

    sy747ty me too! I also have the play-IU's-video-twice-effect. (In fact, I played it more then twice haha)Definitely not bored of watching IU no matter how many times I replay it haha

    Guess this is the burden of being a fan I think? If you don't watch her videos twice you won't be able to sleep well at night LOL!