Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IU listed as one of the singers by Ex-PD of "I am a Singer"

Kim Young Hee PD, the ex-producer of the hit series “I Am A Singer“, met up with reporters on April 18th and named his list of idols who are capable of appearing on the show.

His picks were revealed to be IU, JYJ’s Junsu and SNSD’s Taeyeon. He personally tried to have IU appear on the program, but because he quit the show, he couldn’t fulfill his dream.

SISTAR’s Hyorin was also quoted to be in his list in another article

The program is comprised of artists who are applauded for their singing abilities.

The initial line-up included Kim Bum Soo, Kim Gun Mo, Lee Sora, Jung Yeob, Park Jung Hyun, Baek Ji Young, and Yoon Do Hyun; after a few members left or were eliminated from the show, the new line-up boasts Lim Jae Bum, Kim Yeon Woo, and BMK.

“I Am A Singer” led the ‘revolution’ in the music industry for bringing back ‘real singers’ to the spotlight with this reality variety program. The show is going to start airing again on May 1st, after spending a month-long hiatus to change a few aspects.

Credits: Ramham424@allkpop
Source: Tv Report

Wow...It would really be impressive to see Taeyeon, IU and Junsu battle it out. Who do you all think will win? IU of course heehee

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