Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Update 3] IU wedding photos!

Update 3: Added more photos of the wedding shoot! =) (made it x-large so you can be sucked in by her beauty haha)

Update 2: Switched the videos for Eng subbed ones

Update: Included a small write up on the IU/ Changmin section!

Well...I have a strict policy of not posting spoilers unless the show is aired. So I am kinda in a dilemma cause the show was aired but the English subbed of it is not. But anyways, I am still going to post it cause I feel it's too beautiful to not to be shared. What am I referring to?

Yes... IU wedding photos =)


Ain't she beautiful in the shots?(loved the 2nd one the most) She looks like a goddess! (not that I've seen one before) Time for wallpaper change anyone?

source: 미인유 + 스윗초코 @ iu's daum cafe
credit: weheartiu

Videos cuts for you to bask in her beauty (WARNING SPOILERS WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK )

Credits: bOwstitChmEng@yt, vitalwarning@allkpop


  1. so at which episode is Heroes gonna end?
    i heard they ended fimling it?

  2. yup! they ended filming on 28th-29th march. So most prob it will around early may? but just a guesstimate thou. Cause no one knows how many episodes they have filmed so far