Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radio star Part 2 continued

Another article about IU at part 2 of Radio star surfaced!

IU guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and surprised viewers a witty cover of a pop song classic.

She introduced “Video Killed the Radio Star” as the song that fostered her dreams of becoming a singer. IU stated, “In ‘Dream High‘, I played the role of a girl who dreamt of becoming a singer, but couldn’t because of her lack of confidence in the way she looked. The song she sang when she lost weight was ‘Video Killed the Radio Star.’ While singing it, I realized that even if I wasn’t popular, I want to forever be remembered as a ‘radio star.’”

When asked by MC Kim Gura as to whether she ever criticized herself for the way she looks, she replied, “When I began going in for auditions, I began to realize that my looks weren’t up to par.”

IU also talked about how she became the CF Queen, filming 5 CFs just in this year alone.

IU came out on Radio Star and said that she filmed 5 CFs this year and that she manages her money with her mother. She said that she manages her money because “I have to do it sometime or the other. So I decided to learn right now.”

IU even sang the song she made for Jason in “Dream High” to show off her soothing vocals.

Park Wan Gyu, after hearing IU’s singing, said “Her voice is great and she has great potential. I think one thing she can do better is make it so that more feeling can be transferred to the listeners.”

IU said “I learned so much being on the show with great singers and I was embarrassed to be even considered to be on the same show with them. I am lacking so much to actually be called a singer.

Check out her performance below!

Credits: Vitalsign@allkpop, Dongie@askactor

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