Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Hometown Trip

On April 18th, SBS variety programme 'Sweet Hometown Trip' revealed its filming studio during recording.

This show challenges top stars to send gifts to back to their good friends or important people from their hometown or alma mater. In order for guests participating in the show to meet up with their friends, instead of having them make visits personally, using state-of-the art technology and a large LED screen, they can carry out conversations in real time between Seoul and their hometown.

IU received the chance to meet her juniors at her alma mater, Gwangjin Middle School, as well as her friend and elder cousin who sought to meet up with her live. Her elder cousin also expressed their grandmother's wish to receive a television as a present, which drew laughter from everyone.

The show is scheduled to begin its first broadcast on April 22nd, featuring not the guests from this recording, but pre-recorded footage of TVXQ Yunho and Lee Young Ah who made guest appearances earlier on.

Details unrelated to IU were left out of this translation.

Credit: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: TV Daily

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