Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yangpa is the same as IU?

With Yangpa taking over the music industry after 4 years since her last album, she is being called IU of the 90s. And indeed, when compared, the two of them have a lot in common.

These comparisons between two people who have lots of similarities are seen often in the music industry. Some shows even have the comparisons as the main concept.

Yangpa and IU were both high school students when they debuted. Yangpa was the first every high school student to debut as a singer. It is also true that she succeeded with the cute, younger sister image as a solo artist. Her debut song is still being loved until now.

IU is also the same case, her recent hit song, “Good Day” surprised the music industry.

Their musical concept is almost identical. It is also the reason why so many singers with good vocals are being loved so much lately.

Yangpa was good enough to be considered for the show “I Am A Singer” and IU brought up the importance of vocals even within the idol singers.

Their vocals are different from the vocals heard from the people that are considered to sing well. Yangpa said “I don’t think I sing well, I just convey emotions well” and this similarity she has with IU is one of the main reasons why the two of them are different from all the other artists.

Also, the ability to appeal to the masses with their singing ability in an otherwise idol-filled industry separates the two from everyone else. Yangpa debuted when the male idol groups were very popular and IU also debuted when idols basically made up the entire industry. They are rated higher since they were able to succeed in a very hard environment.

Other similarities include using interesting code names, and the fact that they are geared toward composing songs as well.

Yangpa said “I am glad that people are rating me so highly. I am thankful that I can be included in the same topic with the hottest trend. Honestly, IU is much better looking and sings better than me overall.”

Credits: Dongie@askactor
Source: Osen

Wow they are really similar... Check out Yangpa's performance, it's not bad

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