Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Update] Everyone wants IU!

Update: Included the video cut for that section!

2AM(ok actually just one of its members) recently declared that they want IU!

During a recent recording of tvN’s “50 Million Great Questions”, 2AM confessed that they would like to add singer IU to the team as their fifth member.

When asked, “If you had to pick a 5th member?”, Changmin answered, “We’re one of the hottest trends ourselves of course, but if we recruit IU, then I think we would properly become ‘The’ biggest trend out there.” Seulong added that he would choose 2PM’s Nichkhun as he believed that he was a very good singer.

[Omitted other non relevant parts]

Credits: Vitalwarning@allkpop
Source: Nate


In case you didn't know, 2AM and IU had some history collaborating together. Check out the videos!
Do you think I will give up any chances to spam videos? NO LOL

And Of course...the ever popular NAGGING!!!

They are good together =)

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