Thursday, May 12, 2011

Immortal Song 2 schedule

KBS just released the date of one of the briefings for Immortal Classic 2. Take a look!

KBS 'Immortal Classic 2' <Singing hit songs by legends> to hold production briefing

The show featuring Korea's top idols who will sing hit songs by legends of the industry to appeal to a wide range of generations and bring back memories of the past, will be holding a production briefing.

Time: May 16th (Mon), 1PM KST
Venue: KBS new building, 5th floor international meeting room

Important points:
- Photo time (members on the show)
- Interview with everyone (Q & A)

Cast (6 members):
- Changmin, Min, Yesung, Hyorin, Yoseob, IU (*in random order)

- No separate video interviews by the media
- No seperate in-depth interview

***The production briefing on this day is the first recording session for this program.

(Note: Details intended for the press were omitted in this translation)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: KBS

Hmmm...maybe I should setup a stall selling drinks at KBS's new building. Betcha that it would be packed =)

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