Friday, May 13, 2011

IU among Korea's top 5 CF models

CMValue is a research institute that has a system that measures the advertising effects of TV CFs.
On May 13th, the list of Top 15 TV CF models in Korea for April was revealed on their twitter.

(2011년 4월 TV광고모델 TOP15) 현빈 3개월 연속 1위, 아이유 처음으로 상위권 진입.
(April 2011 TV CF model TOP 15) Hyun Bin in 1st place for 3 consecutive months, IU among the top ranks for the first time. Nothing, just wanted to show off lol!

 (The columns from left to right are current rankings, previous rankings, models, degree of favourable attitudes, followed by main CF appearances)

1. Hyun Bin
2. Lee Seung Gi
3. Won Bin
4. Kim Tae Hee
5. IU (Mexicana Chicken, SK Telecom T, Homeplus, Alicia)
6. Kim Yuna

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: CM Value


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