Friday, May 6, 2011

IU ranked 2nd for best singer with MR(music removed)

Recently, Mnet’s “Idol Chart Show” compared the MR clips of the idol singers, and selected the best of the best. Check out the rankings!

Although that section was in Korean, I think everyone guessed it. Yes! She is placed 2nd on the charts! I know the title says so, but can't my hobby be to repeat myself? *bleahz*
Of course, I won't give up any chances to spam. Check out her MR video!

Anyway. Below is the list of final rankings; interestingly enough, figure skater and the nation’s Little Sister Kim Yuna made the list at #15.
2. IU
3. Taeyeon of SNSD
4. Changmin of 2AM
5. Park Bom of 2NE1
6. Taeyang of Big Bang
7. Hyorin of SISTAR
8. Kyuhyun of Super Junior
9. Jonghyun of SHINee
10. Song Jieun of Secret
11.Yonghwa of C.N. Blue
12. Lee Hongki of FT Island
13. Suzy of miss A
14. Hyun Bin (actor)
15. Kim Yuna (ice skater)
16. G.O. of MBLAQ
17. Gayoon of 4minute
18. Kim Soohyun (actor)
19. Junsu of 2PM
20. Yoseob of B2ST

Credits: Youtube uploaders

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