Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IU's beauty shines through her male disguise

 Ain't she handsome/Pretty/prettsome/handtty?

IU, the 'nation's little sister,' has transformed into the 'nation's uncle.'

On May 2nd, a photo of the singer was uploaded on an internet portal site along with the caption, "IU as a man that even girls fall for?"

The photo shows IU at the film set for a major supermart's CF, dressed in a white shirt with a blue cardigan thrown over, with hands slightly outspread. With the quintessential male accessory -- a 2:8 hair parting and moustache -- she looks every bit the part of an uncle. Particularly eyecatching is the fact that her beauty shines through her disguise.

Netizens commented, "She looks like HaHa," "If she's a man, is she now 'I-goon'?", and "If there's a man like that you there, please introduce him to me."

Meanwhile, IU is now the MC for SBS' Inkigayo.

Credits: Dingdongbelle@koreaboo
Source: Nate

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