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Pit-a-pat, An Interview with IU-unni (by young journalist Min Hye In) (warning long post)

I can't believe I got jealous...anyway enjoy the read! =)

Galaxy S2 Experience Day Coverage

Hello, I attended the Galaxy S2 Experience Day held at Coex Millenium Plaza on April 29th. I gained a lot of experience here and also had the chance to interview IU-unni.

Well then, let's get into the story Vroom~!!

Firstly, I shall write about what happened at Seoul Coex shortly before I met IU.

In order for my mom and I to explore Coex, which we hadn't been to in a while, and to get something to eat, we set off from home in our car at 4PM. There was a slight traffic jam, so we arrived at about 5:15PM. In front of Bennigan's [NOTE: Name of a restaurant], we saw that many people had arrived ahead of time, in order to get good spots to meet IU up-close.

Wow~ That's a lot of people, isn't it?

(Overflowing with people)

(Left: This baby is cute, isn't he? keke | Right: Took a photo with an IU poster. Just as expected, at any time and from any angle, IU always looks pretty~!)

This is how I enjoyed my time. Yet somehow, it was already almost 6:30PM. And so, my mom and I waited in front of Bennigan's for the other young journalists.

While waiting, I noticed that IU-unni had a bodyguard next to her. I was really really really really jealous of the bodyguard-ahjussi. The bodyguard-ahjussi said to me, "You should grow up to be like IU. Practice singing a lot~!"

When all the journalists had gathered, my mom contacted the person in charge, but another person in charge came out to give us permission to enter. My mom said, "Give me your balloon. Mommy will hold it for you." So I gave my balloon to my mom for the time being. However, my mom lost both of my balloons. When she had lost my balloons, I just started laughing. And I said, "Cool! They're hanging from the ceiling!"

And that's how we waited for quite some time. Also, from wherever IU-unni was, some ahjussi came out and told us to go inside and meet her. (However, I found out later that the outside of Bennigan's was roped off, and people were gathered around. Also, everyone was looking in our direction. At that moment, I felt like I had become someone special, and I thought to myself that I did well by becoming part of Samsung Electronics' team of young journalists.)

My heart was going pit-a-pat and I felt more nervous than ever. And then I went in.

Ta-da~! IU-unni was standing in there. I was dazzled by the light radiating from her.

The other young journalists and I asked IU-unni some questions. I asked a few questions myself.

"Recently, you're involved in many activities from various fields, as a singer, drama actor, MC, CF model, etc. But besides singing, which field is most interesting and why?"

IU-unni replied, "They're all fun, but acting in a drama was really interesting, and if I were ever asked again, I would run right on back."

(I am reporter Min Hyein.)

This was how IU-unni looked when I asked her my question. My face and IU-unni's face are like polar opposites, right? Dazzling/cold keke.. Seeing IU-unni's lovely face, even as a female, I was enamoured.
After all the questions were finished, my mom asked, "Could you sign autographs for the children?"
To which IU-unni readily replied, "Ah! Yes!"

I thought, 'Not only does IU-unni have a beautiful voice, she has a beautiful heart as well.' ^ㅡ^

The photo on the left is of IU-unni giving me her autograph. And the photo on the right was taken just as my mum told IU-unni, "Look this way, please!"

Furthermore, the pen which IU-unni used to give all the young journalists autographs was my pen~
I was the first to offer IU-unni my pen, because I wanted my pen to receive some of her spirit! The funny thing was that after IU-unni held that pen for a few minutes, I started calling it 'Mr. Pen' respectfully kekeke

All of us shouted 'Fighting!' together~!! But before that, IU-unni told us, "I'll say 'Samsung young journalist team, fighting!'" Indeed, starting with her pretty face, from acting to MC-ing, modeling, singing, there's truly nothing IU-unni can't do~

IU-unni's pretty smile~ Admire it to your heart's content~!


Also, IU-unni told us that she is currently using the Galaxy model. And now that the better Galaxy 2 has been released, she wants to use that phone herself too.

Even though I was already outside, I opened up my notepad to look at IU-unni's autograph once more.

This photo shows how extremely happy I was to receive an autograph from IU-unni. ^^
I still look at IU's autograph from time to time. ^^ While I was writing this article, I looked at IU's autograph and then went back to writing, and while I'm doing my homework, I look at her autograph and then I go back to my homework....^^

This news coverage was a really great experience for me.
I feel very honored to cover news on the Galaxy, the one and only phone which can compete with the world's #1 iPhone.
This has been an experience I will never forget. Later, when I'm older, I do not know how many more times I will get the chance to cover famous idol stars. Therefore, I will always treasure this experience deep down in my heart.

Thank you.

*NOTE: Parts of article irrelevant to IU were omitted from this translation.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Editing: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU
Source:Junior Samsung
One really luck child there =( When will it be my turn? =(

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