Monday, May 2, 2011

Yoo Seung Ho Still awkward with IU

Yoo Seung Ho and IU's special fate became a hot topic once again.

The recent episode of 'Entertainment Weekly' broadcasted on April 30th, featured the voice actors for the animation movie, "Leafie, A Hen into the Wild", Choi Min Sik, Moon So Ri, Park Cheol Min and Yoo Seung Ho.

IU singing for the animation OST has become a hot topic and she also revealed on the show, "Yoo Seung Ho and I have sung a duet before", which drew further attention from the public.

Last July, they made the headlines with their duet song "Believe in Love" to help children in war-affected areas. In a following interview that was broadcasted, IU was faced with the question, "Among the singers you have dueted with, including Sung Si Kyung, Im Seulong, Yoo Seung Ho and Na Yoon Kwon, who is closest to your ideal type?" Without any hesitation, she replied, "Seungho-gun" (Note: 'gun' is a term of address similar to 'mister').

Regarding IU, who is of the same age as him, Yoo Seung Ho said, "She's a friend. It's still slightly awkward between IU and me." Park Cheol Min wittingly responded, "Love starts off with awkwardness", evoking laughter from everyone.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Tvnews

Bet he must be too captivated by her beauty lol!

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