Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Half year round up

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Counting up until May, who is the artist who was on the music chart the most?

On the January-May monthly top 50 music chart (a total of 250 songs, including repeated songs) announced by Melon on the 2nd, 'Nation's Little Sister' IU appeared on the chart the most frequently, 16 times. She had 7 hit songs in total, including 'Good Day'.

'Good Day', which was released last December and is famous for the 3-level high note, was 1st place for January, 5th place for February, 7th place for March, and 9th place for April, showing a strong result of being in the Top 10 all 4 times.

Released in February, 'A Story Only I Didn't Know' was 18th place in February, 8th place in March, and 10th place in April, being in the Top 50 all three times. 'Dream High' OST song 'Someday' was also 16th place in January, 1st place in February, and 14th place in March, entering the chart three times.

Therefore IU was 1st place in January for 'Good Day' and in February for 'Someday'.

Another song from the 'REAL' album that 'Good Day' was included in, 'This Is Not What I Thought', was 23rd place in January and 33rd place in February, entering the chart twice. Also entering twice was the title track from her 3rd mini album 'REAL+' - 'Cruel Fairytale' was 42nd place in February and 9th place in March.

Besides these, 'The Night of the First Breakup' was in 48th place in January while in the same month 'Merry Christmas in Advance' was in 31st place.

Note: The rest of the article unrelated to IU was omitted from this translation.

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Source: money today star news
Original Article: Nate

That is superb news!!!!! Time go for some celebration! It's thursday night anyways hee 

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