Monday, June 13, 2011

[Update] IU's 2nd performance at Kiss and cry!

Update 13/06/2011: Added IU cuts of Kiss and Cry

It's out it's out! Check out her cool moves manz!

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IU Cuts


Well not me only but others feel the same way as well!

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Singer IU achieved a great transformation.

During a recent recording of SBS 'Kiss and Cry', IU transformed into a cute cheerleader and displayed her figure skating skills.

On this day, IU wore her hair in two ponytails and stood on the ice rink together with her partner, Choi In Hwa, who was dressed as a baseball player. They then gave a cheerleading performance to the song 'Girlfriend'.

IU also displayed her skills by not only passing under her partner's legs, but also doing a perfect 'spiral' (left picture) and received cheers and applause from the audience present. She showcased a very different image from her first performance, when her skating skills were still awkward and landed her in last place.

Representatives from SBS expressed, "Despite her busy schedule, IU visits the ice rink during her spare time to practise and the result of her sweat and tears is that she can now present everyone with such a stunning improvement in her skating skills."

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Seoul NTN
Original article: Nate

Group photo from Jin Ji Hee's mini hompy
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Hmmm but dun you think there is abit toooooo much skinship involved? *jealous*

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